Photo courtesy of
Isabel Martha Weeks

Intuitive Medium, Empath,
Channel for The Divine Spirit Wisdom Source,Pax

Carole Serene Borgens

Carole Serene is an author, speaker, intuitive medium, and channel for the Spirit Energy Pax since the early 1990s when she was first contacted and asked to be their Spirit Messenger. The purpose for this connection was to ask that Pax Wisdom be channeled and put into book form so messages could be shared with the world.

Channeling Pax Wisdom for today's world has included creation of the book series for childre entitled The Worley Village Mysteries. followed by The Likely Future: Short and Long Term Guidance from the Source, Volumes 1 and 2, about the Coronavirus pandemic, as well as Personal Power Will End the Pandemic.  Next came Do Unto Earth: It's Not Too Late, with wide ranging topics from environmental change to off-planet exploration, all shared  with love and concern for Mother Earth and her people.

Soul Healing: Breaking the Chains of Past Life Influence, is a powerful healing tool for those seeking understanding of addictions, dependencies, and dysfunction, none of which have been addressed by traditional means.

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