Photo courtesy of
Isabel Martha Weeks

Carole Serene Borgens

As part of giving private readings for clients, Carole Serene has been involved with animal communication, past-life regression, and helping clients from around the world identify and resolve issues blocking them from achieving happiness and success. 

Writing (channeling) children's books has been a joy and an entry into today's writing direction which is environmentally focused.  The opportunity to channel Pax Spirit Wisdom regarding the Coronavirus was exceptional and a gift in the form of The Likely Future books as well as Personal Power will End the Pandemic.

Following up with Do Unto Earth: It's Not Too Late writings and bringing awareness and truth to the environmental crisis is also a gift as these writings don't just identify Mother Earth's problems, but show us, her people, how to proceed in repair. Including direction for plastic and fossil fuel replacement, space exploration for the purpose of moving explorers and adventurers to other planets for colonization while the clean-up crew of Earth inhabitants remain behind to repair environmental damage—this is exciting and we learn the ways to accomplish this. So much more direction is given for us to move forward in a new way of living, regaining our planet's health and welllness along with our own. Clean air and water, clean soil and old ways becoming new again—all combine to show us the way to planetary wellness.