Photo courtesy of
Isabel Martha Weeks

Our Tilting Planet - Will It Find Balance In Time?

Apr 11, 2021 by Carole Serene Borgens
Now it is time to review what has been done on you Earth plane and recognize it for what it is - insufficient, incomplete and a small piece of what could be in terms of positive results for environmental repair.
What is it your people are thinking? How is it that your people tolerate the abuse of Mother Nature and how is it that those who can make improvements are more led by monetary gain than by anything else?  We wish to speak of corruption, for that is the name of it.  We wish to advise that the tolerance the Universe has shown to your Earth people is diminishing.  We wish to advise that the current catastrophies are a sign, a signal of this displeasure.  When you see volcano eruption and flood and fire - what does this signify to you all?  Should it get the attention of Earth people who are in charge of change?
We weary of this discussion at times and we weary of the incomplete circle of thinking that seems wired into the minds and hearts, the brains of your people.  We must find new words to describe the torture you are inflicting on your environment - does this resonate?
It is the intention of those other planetary beings, your ancient alien ancestors who wish well on your Earth people, to allow the catastrophic damage nature currently inflicts to continue, to get your attention, and to create the mass thinking that can result in mass acting for the good of your land.  There will be more upheaval and more will die along this current path.  Now we say for you to know this and accept this as your doing.  Should you disagree then determine with what you will agree, and take action.
Your Earth will tilt on her axis now in a way your astronomers have not previously known. This will bring an awakening and a potential shift in behavior.  It will bring fear to the hearts of many, as it should, as when there is a shifting of your Earth of this magnitude, it portends what could result which is Earth destabilizing, losing magnetic balance and spinning off into the darkness.  Do not underestimate this as possibility?   It has become the destiny of others.
Change your thinking, change your actions, change your heart center and propose to make Planet Earth wellness your priority as individuals, corporations and city and country.
Do Unto Earth: It's Not Too Late.