Photo courtesy of
Isabel Martha Weeks

Finding Your Bliss

Feb 19, 2021 by Carole Serene Borgens
For each person there is a lesson in finding the way to understanding their own reality. It is said that mankind, at your time in evolution, is capable of surviving and thriving all that comes.  It is your place in time now to show this as reality.
Are you aware that the easy way is not for you now?  Life brings challenges and road blocks and what may seem to be unscaleable walls to progress.  Only if you believe you cannot scale the walls is this reality.
Each person has within them the strength to move mountains. Has someone told you that mountains cannot be moved? Well this is just not true. Each has the will to activate their own strengths, to move beyond what has been told to them, and to take on a cause and purpose in their lifetime.  Belief in self is the most important tool in the box: is and has always been and always will be. Trust in this.
Going forward in the consideration of world and ecological crisis now is the way - forward to healing Mother Earth and healing individual psyches - this is the need. When a person is empowered there is no stopping their progress toward wellness for your world. We salute and support those peaceful warriors on their path to peace and healing and teaching those who will join the intention to heal.
Finding peace and harmony in your world now is the intention, or should be, for all as it is clearly needed among your population.
We support in love and trust that the best is yet to be.