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Isabel Martha Weeks

Soul Healing: Breaking the Chains of Past Life Influence

It is believed likely that we each have experienced physical or emotional wounds in past lifetimes and those unresolved hurts are imprinted on our Souls. It is our Souls that travel with us through lifetimes. If we can understand and release those past hurts we clear our present life from associated challenge and limitations.

What if: anxiety, eating disorders, addictions, depression, anger, or negative behaviors are rooted in past lifetimes and not the fault of who you are today? 
What if: through understanding and release of old wounds we can move forward now in optimal mental, emotional, and physical health and wellness?
What if: this Soul Healing pathway could illuminate the way to resolution, to healing, and to releasing the chains of past life influence?
Would you give yourself the chance to find out?
This book is your invitation to explore the deepest mysteries of your true nature.