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Isabel Martha Weeks
Pax and the Crossroads of Our Survival

Pax and the Crossroads of Our Survival

Volume 4 of Do Unto Earth
Published by Waterside Productions Inc.

What happens to the continent of Australia when the bushfires meet the coal in the ground? What does the Spirit World have to say about the state of our environment? Can heavy viral energy masses be seen from space by those who can sense energy? Is it possible to dissolve a cloud using thought power? All this and more is answered in this extraordinary conversation.

Pax self-introduces as the “Divine Universe” and “God being” and has important information to share with humanity regarding planetary repair and environmental healing. This message often reads like an adventure and addresses world peace and unity and pollution and anthropogenic climate change in a way that is entertaining, solution-based, and enlightening.

This particular portion of text, Pax and the Crossroads of Our Survival, constitutes one of eight volumes that together make up the book titled Do Unto Earth. In this volume, author and journalist Penelope Jean Hayes poses questions to Pax, channeled by intuitive Carole Serene Borgens, about global warming, plus air, water, and soil pollution, and what we can do about it.