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Isabel Martha Weeks

Pax Wisdom Message for Moving Ahead Into the Past

Mar 25, 2020 by Carole Serene Borgens

It is the case now that your Earth people struggle on a scale greater than ever before in your history. Why is that, do you think? Your civilization has more, is more, gives more and provides a greater potential than ever, yet happiness and accord is not found. Peace is elusive, even between family members so how is it that world peace could be attained? We ask you to think hard on what lies ahead. It is the ability of your science now to find answers to all that has remained elusive. Why is this not playing out as it should, with results found? Why are major corporate giants wielding the club of power to those who would deny them profit? We have previously spoken about the disease of greed and corruption, although we have not defined this as a disease, which it is.

We wish to ask your Earth people now to go back to their childhood memories and think of what brought them greatest happiness and peace. It is our belief that these were simple things, yes? We suggest this feeling that comes internally from remembering is what can be had regularly as you go through life, when it is remembered that simple things bring happiness. Now is a time of change for your world people as the COVID virus rampages throughout the globe, and it is during this time that a simpler life is being experienced by most. We ask that during this quiet time, thoughts turn to what will allow this new found peace to continue, even as your world must change back, partially to what it was, with transport and activities and travel and business undergoing a redo.

To take from these new normals and keep what was found of old pleasure, adapting to what must be going forward, is where you may find joy and peace renewed if you look within.