Photo courtesy of
Isabel Martha Weeks

Learning to Live with Corona Virus

May 21, 2020 by Carole Serene Borgens

Pax, is the Corona virus to remain with our civilization, without adequate prevention or cure, for years to come, so that people learn to live with it?

Quite so.  It is the case that the virus resists all efforts to be quelled and continues to mutate beyond management.  Do you know this term, “mutate beyond management”?  You may equate this to plagues of the past and not so past that have arrived, decimated populations, then gone quiet for a time before blooming once again. 

Your science is working to find a way to prevent those who have been in contact from developing the virus.  Those who have been infected will remain so, although the virus will go quiet.  There are other like viruses that behave in this way and your people have learned to live with them in avoidance.  Exposure can be managed and contagion also.  These measures will become part of your new normal and ongoing lifestyles.

Do you understand that the worst is yet to come?  We do not wish to alarm but we do wish to inform, and when your people believe the worst is past or believe they have immunity, life returns to what they want it to be, in close contact, and the numbers rise beyond their current levels.  This can be avoided.

What must happen for people to believe this?

World leaders must enforce what is believed to be the proven ways to avoid contamination and cross-contamination and be the change they need to see.  To take precautions when in the presence of others, masks and the like, these show the way to keeping contagion low.  There are far too many becoming lax in these methods for success to become the norm.  Sadly, around your globe are extremes of caution – militaristic on one hand and cavalier on another – it is to not come together as a whole at this time.

There are times in your world history when the best plans did not work out and this may be one.  It is to be known that without concerted effort toward compliance, there will be escaping of virus spores and continued infection.  If this is the way of it, be aware, be wary and believe that to go in the way of safety and protection for some of your people will have to suffice.  It becomes an individual choice going forward and each person will determine their lifestyle and tolerances as the world continues to change.

There is too much diversity in global government to see a cohesive approach to the management of this pandemic at this time.  Does this change and do wiser heads prevail?  It is for time to show this as an ongoing conundrum.