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Isabel Martha Weeks

Plagues in History, Recovery and New Normal

May 23, 2020 by Carole Serene Borgens

Plagues in History?

Many plagues throughout history lasted for years and killed much of the population where they took hold.  Will Covid-19 be the same?

While this virus appears to be reducing in some areas, it is a calm before the next storm. There is to be no quick fix for this one as it mutates again and again.  As for time and destruction, it will equal and even surpass historical numbers, particularly when matched by percent of the population then vs. now.  Your people are to be prepared for no cure to be found at this time.  It will continue to live with you – it will continue to infect and linger within those able to withstand it, and they will live with it dormant within them.  To keep it dormant will be the key and research will look into this aspect more in place of a total cure or immunization against first infection.  This virus becomes a part of your lifestyle change and a part of your 21st century as a milestone referenced by either pre or post Covid.

The New Normal Lifestyle?

It will not return to the previous ‘normal’, no, but it will become a new normal which is kinder to Mother Nature, kinder to family life, kinder to people not formerly recognized as existing by some of your people. 

The virus has been a great equalizer.  Those previously dismissed as inconsequential and employed in menial jobs, doing invisible work and existing at a basic rate of income have now become essential workers.  Isn’t this a turnaround?  If this is noticed and appreciated and those people considered not only equal but important, this is another turnaround n your societal way of thinking and behaving.

Health and Wellness?

It is noticed now that clean air, due to diminished automobile traffic, has resulted in lowered rates of asthma and heart attacks among your people. This is a major development and is to be continued.  As business determines it can function with offices filled with people, and those people can work from home effectively, this becomes the new normal with many spin-off benefits for family and productivity and health of people and environment.  You will see further change and improvement as this way of living continues.


Your waterways are cleaning as well and for marine wellness this is a gift.  While there are species of mammals, species of fish and plant life that are blossoming as a result, there is also widespread value in the way of eco-tourism and growth of the undersea world that has been diminishing.  It is the coral reefs in stages of dying that will return to wellness in many areas.  This, in itself, is a great benefit to all levels of the food-chain and results in renewed balance.  After all, with any aspect of life out of balance, there is dis-ease.  You can now see a correction in this course and it is to be enabled to continue.