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Isabel Martha Weeks

The Nature of Mass Events

May 28, 2020 by Carole Serene Borgens

The Nature of Mass Events

It is understood that throughout history there have been events of great proportion, whether wars or plague or pestilence, it is a repeat cycle on your Planet Earth.  Will this change?  We say it is the nature of a civilization to fall victim to such happenings. 

Many civilizations throughout history have suffered and in different ways.  At your time in history, when your planet is decimated with pollution and weakened in all ways, your people are susceptible to dis-ease.  With compromised immune systems as a result of impurities all around, health is less than optimal and withstanding an assault such as a virus is a challenge. 

Your world has shed the thriving populations of past when hard work and pure foods created well exercised and fed people.  Your citizens now are far from this model and do not withstand the assault.  As one person at a time realizes this and the focus in your communities returns to wellness, a great improvement will be seen.