Photo courtesy of
Isabel Martha Weeks

The Nature of Childrens' Learning

May 29, 2020 by Carole Serene Borgens

It is our wish now to speak of the inability of your people to think clearly about their own abilities to manage their lives.  We wish to instill in each Earth person the knowledge that they have the inner wisdom to know the way. If each would trust in this they would make good judgements and decisions for themselves.  Many of your Earth people spend their time asking how to proceed and taking direction from outside themselves that they don’t learn the skills of developing strength of purpose and to be guided by their Higher Selves and their inner wisdom.

We understand this is a function of conditioning and therefore it passes down generation to generation.  It is time to deviate from this and we say that children should be taught independent thinking as a skill.  This does not intend to create generations of children that do not listen to parental guidance, but rather it creates thinkers, children who ask themselves questions before acting rather than following the course taken by others.  For a strong and powerful civilization to be and to become even more so, this is the course of action best suited to the creation and perpetuation of such a vision.  It can be, if you determine it should be.