Photo courtesy of
Isabel Martha Weeks

A New and Improved Normal

Jun 03, 2020 by Carole Serene Borgens

It is the case that life on Planet Earth at this time is strained and filled with upheaval and uncertainty. We wish to inform that the future is not to remain this way. We wish to inform that brighter times are ahead and your people will find a new way of living which brings more peace and harmony. 

It is the way of the future to include more family times, more love and affection, less turmoil and corruption, and increased awareness of spirituality, of needed care for the health of your planet, and willingness to turn lifestyles into pleasant experiences. There has been much stress and strain on lives and relationships due to outside influences. These reduce in favor of peace and harmony within your humanity. So much is not understood at this time and for your people now to continue, one day at a time, and work through your pandemic restrictions, is a testament to how focused you are on recreating wellness. This is seen and experienced and transmits to planetary wellness also.

As your people begin to experience clean air and water, these signal the gifts being given to Mother Nature as a result of reduced traffic and human interference with the land. This taste of purity serves to instill in your people the need for more, and this is a powerful stimulus for change. You will create more and you will forge ahead with cleaning and clearing of your environment—the best is yet to be.