Photo courtesy of
Isabel Martha Weeks

Ripples of Peace

Jul 23, 2020 by Carole Serene Borgens



            We are here to say the time is now to understand the wayward attitudes of the many when it comes to resources.  Yes we say the attitude of, well I can’t make a difference, must stop.  It is for everyone to understand they can make a difference and it is up to them to act on this belief and share this belief with others who may be in doubt.

            Whatever the situation in the world where people are trying to be their best and do their best, it must be remembered that each person can make a difference.  When grouped together, of course, the crowd power takes on its own capabilities and much can be accomplished.  Realize that the first few steps are the hardest and when they are taken, the snowball effect comes into play and the power of the people is felt.  Be aware that the power of the people begins with the power of one. 

            Moving ahead in time we see the world a new and different place with attitudes of peace and harmony abounding.  When people look back on your civilization and on the wars and skirmishes and non-war conflicts around the globe, they will shake their heads and wonder how archaic that was and how people of this time could be so narrow thinking and acting.  The peace that comes to the globe is palpable and brings with it another type of world and lifestyle.  Greed and corruption are things of the past.  Errors in judgement are made in small ways that are corrected quietly and peace in the heart spreads to peace in the universe.  Now you think world peace is a silly thing to think could actually be; not so.  Remember to move in the direction of understanding that world peace will be.  Feel it, it’s palpable.  Act like you are already there.  Feel the feeling and spread the feeling and each do your part to bring peace into your lives and your environment.

            Moving ahead in time you will see that this spreads like the ripples on the water when the pebble is thrown in – it spreads quietly and envelopes all around it.  It encircles those in the center and encircles that rock which finds itself suddenly in a strange place – the middle of the pond.  When it was quietly laying beside the pond and someone picked it up and threw it, relocated it without warning, those peaceful ripples spread out and marked its’ spot – marked that it had arrived in its new place, but all around it the welcoming ripples of peace.  This is the way of your world, in future.

            We ask for all people to visualize the world they want and act accordingly.  Expect the best and it will be.  Put out the peaceful energies and spread the ripples of serenity throughout your worlds, touching all who are within your range.  It will return to you in this way.

            Finding those who ask for peace but do not practice it, the ripples will be the reminder to practice serenity in their lives, daily.  Go within for this peace.

            Allow the people their time to come to terms with how this is accomplished.  Your world did not deteriorate to this stage overnight, and it will take some time to repair.  Do not worry as it will become the focus soon enough and the change is seen and felt.

            Go forward in this knowledge, and practice the peace you feel.